Created Oct 21, 2016

Robin's Wish

Life's a road trip. Simply love well along the way. more

Life is a road trip that can have great scenery, sunny days, bumpy roads, detours, hazardous situations, you name it. We're often times shifting gears or anxious to get past one point to get to another. But slowing down, cranking up the music while cranking down the windows can make for a far better ride. Tune into the Three Days Grace song, "Time That Remains," for good perspective - because it can be a long, winding road with twists and turns we never expected. And when the day comes when I finally reach the end of the road, I want to know I did things that mattered - not just for myself but for others. Now tune into the song "How Did You Love" by Shinedown. As I put my car into permanent park, the love that I've given will remain, riding as a passenger for others. For me, those two songs guide the road trip. No other map is necessary.